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Role Play Game (PR2)

Competences 4ESD role play game will follow the principles of Serious Games, to be used to transfer knowledge and cultivate the participant’s cognitive skills, while at the same time being easy to use by the end-user, and as less language-dependent as possible in order to facilitate usage by an increased number of end-users (learners). The Competneces4ESD educational role-play game will contain:
- A Rulebook (translated into all partner languages)
- Components Bundle in PDF format, for a quick and easy print, cut, and play process
- A how-to-play video, to further ease understanding (subtitles in all partner languages)
- Guidelines on using this output: When the learning process is enhanced by Board games, it becomes more motivating, engaging, and fun as is their nature.
In addition, educational activities which involve physical participation are known to allow for quicker absorption of information.

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