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Training Course (PR3)

The training course will be the first step towards the development of a complete ESD key competences training model for teachers, which will be based on project's research and will establish that all necessary areas identified in the Framework are effectively taken into consideration and addressed.

The training course will have the form of a modular course, starting with the development of the curriculum, and followed by the learning outcomes and training design, the educational methodologies to be used, the list of modules analysed in a comprehensive way, and the training materials/activities per module, important resources, assessment tools, etc, all carefully designed and constructed for VET trainers to train the target group (pre- and in- service teachers) on how to develop their key competences to effectively teach ESD in their schools. The training modules will result by the Framework and will focus on the basic key competences that R1has revealed as needs for teachers to contribute to sustainable development of learners through their teaching processes.

The training course will encourage blended learning, through the combination of face-to-face and online learning (the e-Learning platform of the project).

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